Monday, August 11, 2014

Adventure #219: Gill Cote Bistro (Rouen)

With this post, I commence our culinary adventure in France.  After 2 weeks of trying numerous restaurants, we made a few observations:
  1. We find it a bit ambitious to go sight seeing in the morning and then make our way to lunch at a restaurant of choice (unless of course the restaurant is in the same town).  French restaurants generally do not take in customers after 1.30pm.  So if you want to eat good food, I suggest you eat first and then take in the sights.
  2. Not all French restaurants are good. A typical 3-course meal costs between Euro25-35.  For Euro10 more, do your research and go to a recommended restaurant.
  3. It is impossible to eat out (no matter how good the food) for more than 2 consecutive days.  A 3-course meal is a lot for us and we overate at almost every meal.  So, after every few days, a simple meal of bread, ham and cheese or local seafood with wine is heavenly, not to mention relaxing.

Anyway, on our first proper day in France, we visited Rouen, the town in which Joan of Arc was tried for heresy and burned at the stake in the central square in 1431.  In this town, G found a bistro opened by two Michelin star chef Gill Tournadre called Gill Cote Bistro.

Determined to have our first proper French meal, we roamed the town (without a map) and braved the rain (ok, it was only a drizzle) and 45 mins later arrived at the restaurant totally ready for a good meal.

Still full from the breakfast I made, we decided to skip starters and go straight for the mains.

I shared the braised lamb with honey served on a bed of ratatouille with the little one.  The lamb was so soft the meat just melted in my mouth.  The little one and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish.

G had the braised beef with carrots. It was tasty but the meat was a bit tough.  G was rather disappointed.

The older one had the beef tartare with salad. It must have been good as she refused to share it with a very upset G!

The dessert of strawberry tart with ice cream was a wonderful end to our first meal in France.

Although the braised beef was a bit disappointing, the overall quality of the food was great.  Definitely a good choice.

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