Friday, August 29, 2014

Adventure #227: Creperie Ahna (Dinan)

As luck would have had it, the Fete Des Ramparts festival was on when we visited Dinan.  The festival is held only on one weekend in late July every even numbered year and the entire town dresses up in medieval garb and throw a huge party!

We wondered around town, enjoyed the many difference performances around town while G took tonnes of photos of people in various different medieval customs. We even managed some shopping - bought a couple of very unique leather belts, before arriving at our lunch destination for the day.

The town was so full of fun, we were reluctant to sit indoors so we waited more than 30 mins for a little table outside.

Steak to be cooked on heated stone with 3 sauces. Beside the novelty of cooking it yourself on the hot stone, the dish was genuinely delicious.

Galette with salmon and leak. 

The most popular galette - La Complete.

A wonderful relaxing lunch. Food was good and the festivities just made it such an unique experience.

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