Thursday, August 14, 2014

Adventure #221: l'Alchimie (Bayeux)

We chose to visit Bayeux on Bastille Day (French National Day).  This turned out to be a wise choice as the weather was gorgeous that day and I suspect most of the French were at the beaches! 

Bayeux is famous for the 68-feet long 58-scene tapestry which told the story of the Norman invasion of England in 1066.  But before we visit this famous tapestry, we seek out the restaurant first.

We had wanted to try La Rapiere, a restaurant recommended by the Michelin guide but unfortunately it was closed that day.  The next best restaurant was l'Alchimie which was recommended by my friend Elke who was there a month earlier.

We were the first customers that day and because the weather was so wonderful, we asked for a table outside and it was delightful.

The view of the street from our table on the pavement!

Cream puff with Normandy flavoured goat cheese - this was wonderful as I really enjoyed the goat cheese.

Duck foie gras with homemade chutney - deliciously rich!

Pork with apple and Agen prune confit - both the older one and I ordered this. The pork was tender and was delicious when eaten with the apple and prune.

Veal fillet flavoured with ginger and honey - G enjoyed his veal too. But by now we noticed that the accompaniments for all the main courses were the same. My guess is the main chef is off as Bastille Day is a major holiday in France and these were prepared for the day.

Chicken with rice - this was the kid's meal but the little really enjoyed this. Only day 3 of the trip and already she missed her rice.

Profiteroles with salted butter caramel - these were so delicious!

Chocolate souffle with green tea ice cream and coffee cream - nice but not as good as the profiteroles.

The starters were great. The mains were good despite the standard accompaniments. There was only one waiter working that day.  Service was slow but he was helpful and polite.  Still, we had a good lunch.  I believe the experience would be much better on a normal day.

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