Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Adventure #220: Le Bistretatais (Etretat)

We arrived at Etretat late in the afternoon. The sun came out and the weather was great. It was a long holiday weekend, so it seems everyone was at the beach and as such the seaside town was chock full of people. It took us awhile to get a parking space but the beach and the scenery was totally worth it.

After spending some time lazing about at the pebble beach and enjoying the view, we made our way to Le Bistretatais (ranked No 1 by Trip Advisor) for dinner.  We got there at 7pm and it was empty!  I wondered if our research was accurate. This is supposed to be a good can that be???

We returned at 7.30pm and a few of the tables were taken, so we decided to give it a go.  We were told it was fully booked but if we can returned the table by 8.30pm we can have it! So I see, the French are late diners!

We started the meal with some local cider. A nice change from our usual red wine.

Since this is a seaside town, we decided to go for seafood.  We ordered moules mariniere with fries.  We weren't very impressed with this dish.  A very easy dish to make but the moules were a bit tasteless and the fries were soft.

This is 3 types of fishes in a veggie stew. It looked better than it tasted.  Bland.

Totally disappointed with this meal. Lucky we didn't order a lot as we were still full from our meal this afternoon at Gill Cote Bistro.

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