Thursday, August 28, 2014

Adventure #226: Le Surcouf (Cancale)

We actually came to Cancale to have dinner at Le Surcouf but got distracted by the fresh oysters.  After the 2 dozen oysters, I just couldn't face dinner so we went for a long walk along the shore.  It was low tide and there was really nothing to see except boats "stranded" on the beach at low tide ......

Finally, after an hour or so, we decided to have an early dinner as there was not that much to do.

Still full from the oysters, I only wanted very little to eat, so I ordered the another gem of the French gastronomy which is the original fish soup or soupe de poissons. This fine and tasty soup was accompanied with a little pot of the garlicky saffron sauce known as rouille ('rust"), a mound of grated cheese, and a bowl of croutons.  Quite enough for me.

G had this raw scallop dish for starter which he said was rather good. I will take his word for it as I am not a fan of raw scallop.

G actually ordered the sole for himself but something was lost in translation and the restaurant split the sole into 2 portions (this is one) for the kids.

The older one had moules and it didn't disappoint.

This salmon was for the little one but with the orders all messed, we all ended up having a little of everything!

A couple of light desserts to finish off the meal.

Nothing much in Cancale except for the oysters.  Food at Le Surcouf was good, would have been better if we didn't already pig out on the oysters.

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