Saturday, August 23, 2014

Adventure #225: Fresh Oysters (Cancale)

After St. Malo, we drove to Cancale for dinner.  Cancale is a holiday town with a street by the sea with holiday shops and restaurants.  Right at the corner of that street, where the lighthouse and jetty are, is a small oyster market made up of a handful of stores selling fresh oysters to eat there or to take away.

The fresh oysters were of varying sizes and ranges from 4 Euro a piece to 4 Euro a dozen! If you decide to eat there, the store keeper will open the oysters for you, serve the oysters on a tray with a lemon and a plastic knife for an extra 1 Euro.

We bought a dozen from this lady.
And we just ate them on the steps next to the market overlooking the oyster farms.
After eating, just throw the shells on the beach which was already covered.

After the initial dozen, we went back for another dozen. This time we had bigger ones for an extra Euro a dozen.

Men working the oyster farms

I am not much of an oyster fan but to eat oysters so fresh and in such a casual environment was such an unique experience. Not to mention the costs! Very glad we came. Now.....what are we going to do about dinner??? I guess we have to feed the kids!

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